Darcy Nicholson

Darcy Nicholson

Darcy Nicholson is an associate with Gilchrist Financial Services. Darcy had spent 23 years working in the forestry industry, has over 20 years of personal investing experience, and is an avid watcher of global stock markets.

Darcy shares the belief that it is important to understand each person’s individual situation and goals. He assists the team in the development and monitoring of plans to reach targeted goals by preparing client materials, supporting office initiatives and events, and acting as an initial point of contact for many of our clients. Darcy has taken great interest in severance and pension options for people displaced or leaving their employer.

Darcy is married to Debbie, his wife of 23 years, and they have 6 daughters and 2 sons. He believes that raising a large family has given him strong personal financial skills, and useful experience and insight. In his spare time, Darcy has spent over 20 years in coaching hockey, lacrosse and softball.


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